Patient data exposed in telehealth sessions

Global Kaspersky research unveils that 37% of healthcare providers across the Middle East Turkey and Africa (META) region have experienced cases where their employees compromised customers’ personal information during remote consultations. In addition to this, nearly half (45%) of providers believe that their clinicians don’t clearly understand how patients’ data is protected. However, 71% of them believe it is important for the healthcare sector to collect even more personal information to further industry development. Data breaches do not always occur as a result of adversaries’ actions. Quite often, information can be  compromised by internal actors . Medical organisations gather, process, and share a plethora of sensitive data and therefore have to pay the utmost attention to the safety of the information they receive. Since the recent  mass transition to digital health  further increased the burden of responsibility on medical providers, Kaspersky  surveyed healthcare decision-m

Workers ready for the metaverse?

Just as businesses are starting to find their groove with hybrid working, the workplace has begun to evolve again with the emergence of the metaverse. New research from Lenovo reveals that close to half of employees (44%) are willing to work in the metaverse and believe that it can deliver benefits like productivity to the workplace. The metaverse is primarily defined as a shared digital space with digital representations of people, places, and objects. In the future, the metaverse can be a highly immersive extension of the physical world, with its rich user interface. At the enterprise level, this opens up possibilities for businesses to create a more viable, interactive workplace. However, there is skepticism on whether companies have the capabilities to pull it off. Two in five (43%) respondents believe their employers do not, or probably do not have the knowledge or expertise to enable them to work in the metaverse of the future. Ken Wong, president of Lenovo Solutions and Servi

What makes serious games seriously good?

The term “serious game” may well read as an oxymoron – isn’t a game by its very nature meant to be fun and playful rather than, well, serious? But for the longest time, games have been the means by which humanity brings structure to interactions, in much the same way that stories help us make sense of the world.  It is this understanding of the function of games that makes a brilliant case for the role of serious games as a key learning tool in contemporary business, consumer and educational environments. A serious game has an outcome other than entertainment, and is often associated with the drive to shift consumer behaviour in some way.  There are four main characteristics that define a serious game. The first is that a game has a goal, opposed to a toy, which is effectively a game without a goal. A game also has rules, feedback systems and relies on voluntary participation.  As such, brands are increasingly waking up to the value of games as a means of interacting with their aud

Telkom launches entry-level fibre

Telkom has launched Easy Connect Fibre, an entry-level fibre solution for connectivity from home. Telkom Easy Connect Fibre is described as “an affordable end-to-end broadband service inclusive of fibre broadband access and uncapped internet”. It requires no router as an optical network unit with voice capability will be installed.  Telkom Easy Connect is a simple fibre connection that gives customers fast connectivity to suit their budgets. Ir is available in selected areas only, and potential customers must check the Telkom coverage map to see if they are eligible. “The last couple of years have heightened the need for connectivity solutions for everyone and Telkom understands that there are different connectivity needs for different people,” says Makgosi Mabaso, managing executive for broadband solutions at Telkom. “Our aim is to give customers more connectivity options without breaking the budget.” According to Telkom, Easy Web Connect Fibre offers the following: Affordable in

Nokia releases first T-series tablet

HMD Global has unveiled the new Nokia T20 tablet. The new tablet brings the classic Nokia phone quality to the big screen, with a range of versatile features and a long-lasting battery life. The Nokia T20 marks the introduction of the new T-series. Packed with innovative and accessible features you’ll love, including a crystal clear 2K screen plus three years of monthly security updates and two years of free operating system (OS) upgrades. Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global, says: “We pride ourselves on always listening and responding to people’s wishes. Over the past year, we noticed the increase in hybrid working and online learning, as well as the growing use of social media, video calling platforms, and streaming services – leading to an increase in the appetite for tablets, which grew an impressive 53% in Q1 from 2020 to 2021. So, we created HMD Global’s first-ever Nokia tablet to address people’s changing needs and their desire for versatile technology and features. Designed fo

Webtoon meets BTS

Webtoon , the world’s largest digital comics platform, and  Hybe will release 7FATES: CHAKHO later today, backed by a series of new teaser videos featuring K-pop icons BTS .  The teasers are part of a Super Casting campaign between Webtoon and Hybe to bring dynamic webcomic adaptations of original stories in collaboration with Hybe artists. Each teaser video stars a different BTS member, which started with Jin on 24 December and was shared daily through  Webtoon’s social media accounts . The new series of videos follows earlier official BTS teasers  7FATES with BTS  and the mysterious ‘CCTV Live,’ which sparked global excitement among BTS fandom. 7FATES: CHAKHO  will be the first Hybe original story. A collaboration with BTS, the dynamic story follows seven young men bound by fate.  7FATES: CHAKHO  is out now on Webtoon, with web novel versions also available on Wattpad. from Gadget via IFTTT

Frontline workers excited about opportunities tech creates

A new report released by Microsoft this week shows that tech tools ranked third on the list of factors that could help reduce frontline worker stress, behind pay and paid time off, but ahead of wellbeing benefits. No less than 63% are excited about the job opportunities tech creates. Almost half – 46% – fear job loss if they don’t adapt to new tech, and 55% have had to learn new tech with no formal training. The Work Trend Index Special Report on Frontline Workers includes a global survey conducted in October/November 2021 of 9,600 frontline workers across 8 countries in 8 industries who are unable to work remotely. The 2 billion frontline workers worldwide represent  80% of the global workforce , with 88% of organisations  employing people in frontline roles. Increasingly, companies are investing in digital tools for frontline workers to modernise workflows, enhance job performance, and improve workplace culture and communication.  Microsoft says it has seen 400% growth in monthly